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24 Hour Emergency Water Removal

We're based in Oklahoma City and Edmond, OK, and provide immediate 24 hour services for flood restoration, commercial water damFlood Tools - Flood Restoration in Oklahoma City, OKage, residential water damage, and carpet cleaning.

Our Certified Water Damage Restoration Technicians will remove the standing water or sewage, remove carpets and floors in your home or business and sanitize and disinfect the affected area.


Benefits of fast response water removal:

  • Minimizes water migration
  • Reduces secondary and fungi damage
  • Decreases saturation of contents
  • Minimizes the high cost of repairs

Fast-Response Water Removal

If you are currently dealing with flood damage in Edmond, you'll likely want to be as proactive as possible in getting the water removed. We can develop an action plan for your residence that will allow the area to be cleaned up without any outstanding issues. The target area can be rehabilitated without any lasting damage to the foundation or the surrounding infrastructure.

Flood Tools - Flood Restoration in Oklahoma City, OK

Benefits of Fast-Response Water Removal

In the aftermath of a flood, fast-response water removal will provide a number of advantages. Immediate cleanup will prevent water migration into other areas of the building, which will ultimately protect other elements from being damaged. A quick response will also reduce secondary damage and prevent mold growth. Carpets and other soft surfaces that are quickly dealt with will not become completely saturated, which means they will be easier to clean going forward. Effective water extraction in Norman will also minimize the high cost of repairs. If there are standing pools of water within the building, we can remove these immediately before any other work begins. Avoiding financial strain will be the most prominent goal for property owners as they begin to move through the rehabilitation process.


Benefits of drying and dehumidification:

Flooded Room - Flood Restoration in Oklahoma City, OK

  • Prevents further and costly damage
  • Decreases time of inconvience and possibility of mildew

Drying and dehumidifying can help return residences to their previous conditions. We have access to the best tools and equipment in the field. Grain refrigerant dehumidifiers and desiccants can both be used effectively. Commercial dehumidifiers can likewise be utilized in structures that have been damaged over a large area. Properly calibrated drying techniques will minimize the time of inconvenience and restore the building to its original condition as quickly as possible. Drying also prevents mildew from forming in cracks and crevices, which will be crucial to the future viability of the structure.

Additional Benefits of using Express Restoration and Carpet Cleaning

  • We will help with the Insurance Adjuster and with your claims processing.

We are dedicated to providing all of our clients with top-notch service. We can help with the insurance adjuster so that your claims are processed in an accurate and timely manner. We can also provide written breakdowns of the damage so you'll know exactly which areas of the structure have been completely rehabilitated and which areas contain component parts that will need to be replaced. Accurate cost breakdowns will allow the insurance adjuster to complete the claims process without delay

Flooded Room - Flood Restoration in Oklahoma City, OK

Whether you are ultimately dealing with flood damage in Edmond or water extraction in Norman, we guarantee reputable service and respect for the project area going forward. Contact us today for further assistance.


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